Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our newly improved site.  It’s been a while since we last made any updates to it as most of the time we’ve been posting mostly on our Facebook page.  After much consideration we have decided to switch platform once again, and this time we will be starting everything from scratch.  As some of the products being posted previously are no longer available, as there are new products coming in.

As for our previous customers who signed up with us, we will be creating a new account for you.  So all you need to do is sign in and update your password.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to restore your previous transaction into the new site due to compatibility issues.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

So do bear with us while we will be retaking all our shops products to be uploaded here into the website as we believe you all deserve a better shopping experience from our site here.  Never the less, looking forward in dealing with you soon!

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